Hello guys! We are Dima and Kostya and this is our story how we decided to hitchhike around Europe having only 100 euros in the pocket and a guitar. Our goal is to motivate people to lead active lifestyle showing that travelling and emotions it gives are accessible to everyone and only the sky is a limit.
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April 15th. Day 1
The #DostupnoEurotrip challenges (as expected) started back in Kyiv when, a few hours before the flight from Kyiv to Krakow, Kostya ... vanished. Dmytro had every chance of repeating his 2017 challenge and going on the journey alone. And for Kostya, hitchhiking would have been started in Kyiv – to catch up with Dmytro somewhere in Europe ;)

Luckily, 1.5 hours before departure, Kostya was found. The guys packed in a hurry. Someone packed a bunch of unnecessary things (Kostya). Someone forgot a bunch of necessary things (Dima). They managed to catch the plane in time. What's more, their hand luggage that, under the laws of physics, was supposed to go into the baggage compartment, also went into the passenger cabin.

In Krakow, they went for a walk with The Tkachuks: Ivanka, Sashko and little Teresa looking for a guitar. Sashko is an engineer, a chemist and a carpenter, but he calls himself simply 'a guest worker.' And Ivanka is making amazing toys and pillows. You should see this awesomeness. IG: @mama_makes_friends!

Olenka Chuzhova agreed to be a host for our travellers in Krakow. Thank you! On the way to her place, more adventures followed. The guys were traveling by bus and a kind driver asked where they were heading to lower the ramp for Dmytro. They got out one stop earlier and, while they were trying to figure out where they were, they noticed a strange thing: the bus was not leaving. When the guys realised that they had to go further and ran back to the bus, it turned out that the driver remembered that it was too early for them to leave so he was calmly waiting until they got back.

The guys continued exploring the city with Ivan and Marta Lashkay. Marta gave them poppy seed buns. The buns were so delicious that Dmytro even had two of them. His athletic diet was ruined on the first day; ) This, by the way, is the boys' reserve of food for today. Ivan shared a lot about Krakow. They were looking for a guitar together. They found it! BUT it turned out to be damaged, so the search for the guitar continues. They even were thinking of going crazy and spending all 100 euros on it. That's how the guys are planning to make a living – by playing guitar in city streets. You remember, right? It turned out, however, that brand new guitars are more expensive. As a solution, the guys borrowed a guitar from Olenka today. The plan is to raise money to buy a SIM card to have a 24/7 communication.

The guys got back home at 1am. Olenka made a delicious dinner. She took everything that was in a fridge. What's more, it was at her place that they saw an awesome sunset earlier. What more one can wish for? Olenka organises the Ukrainian Poetry Nights in Krakow and teaches Ukrainian to everyone who wishes to learn the language.
Time passes in a strange way here: Dima woke up at 6am and he was sure that it was past 10am already. An old school paper map comes in handy to get around the city. Topping it all off, there are also wonderful people everywhere – lots of wonderful people and they are ready to help you. Our expenditure for the 1st day totalled €0)) See you tomorrow in Prague, which you have chosen for us! Follow us as we share our adventures! And if you want to support the project and to make video stories about the journey a reality, you can do so by making a donation below.
April 16th, Day 2
Breaking news! Dmytro and Kostya were arrested by police! The only information we have for now is that they are being transported in two separate cars: Dima and Kostia are traveling in one car and Dima's wheelchair is being carried by another vehicle. Thanks to one of the officers, who kindly agreed to share Wi-Fi with guys, you can follow the development of the events in real time on Instagram @schebetyuk and @dostupno_ua. Stay tuned.

And now some good news. Yesterday Dmytro and Kostia earned their first money in #DostupnoEurotrip! Dmytro sang his songs and played guitar and in 20 minutes they earned 39.5 zloty (almost 10 euros). Baby, You`re a Rich Man! And this money was just enough to feed them for a day They didn't buy the guitar but borrowed it from Olenka. In Prague, they were offered a free guitar. So it seemed. However, they still need to get there somehow.

By the way, turned out that in the historical center of Krakow you can not earn money by playing the guitar. Once a month, there is a competition, where a special commission chooses the best players and gives permission to play in the city center. Let's consider that our travelers got the "People's Choice Award" from their subscribers from DostupnoUA and the right to play guitar in Krakow :)

Waiting at the bus station Dima fell back on the backpacks. They wanted to enter the trolley bus. There was a ramp, but no driver call button, so they tried climbing up themselves. Kostya didn't know how to help and Dima didn't control the process. So imagine a picture: Shchebetiuk lies on the road, like a turtle on the back ;) , and cars drive behind. Sadly, no one captured it on the camera. Fortunately, though everything worked out: they stood back up again and went to another trolley bus. What shall they do :)

Moreover, near the WC of the "Krakivskaya gallery" Dmitry was recognized by one of his fans: "OMG!!! You are the Shchebetiuk!!1 You're kidding me! Let's make a photo?" They created a small crowd near the restroom, and passersby couldn't understand what was happening: whether Beyoncé collects the Polish legion of her fans, or another a little less famous star.

Appositely the toilet itself in the mall is well-arranged: everything is convenient, swaddling table, automatic machine for the sale of diapers. Even some elements of luxury are included - a microwave and a leather rocking chair. Have you ever seen such a thing? Dima and Kostya decided to return there for a night if they don't find another place to sleep.

As a result, for the day they walked 11 km and overcame around 60 km by public transport. To our regret, the attempt to leave Krakow has failed: it became really cold at night and they returned to Olenka for a night. Now they are planning to wake up at 6 o'clock in the morning and immediately move to the highway. The road to Prague. The second try.

April 17th, Day 3
Enchanted Poland! Our Polish neighbors saw how cool Dmytro and Kostyantyn were and didn't want to let them go. Otherwise it is hard to explain the difficulties with the road between Krakow and Prague.

Already on the road, through a secret gate which some kind person left open, they got to the McDonald's,. And there they met ... the neighbor of Dmytro's uncle, Igor Shchebetyuk, from Lityn. She works as Senior Manager there. Our people everywhere :) Had some tea and went to hitchhike. Already in 20 min Polish people heading to Norway, stopped, and drove them to Katowice.

With help of several buses they got to the outskirt of the city. Hitchhiked and hitchhiked and realized that something was wrong here. As it turned out, the guys hitchhiked at an unauthorized place — on a toll motorway. Apparently, someone told the police where they were standing. Dima and Kostya almost persuaded the cops to join the #DostupnoEurotrip and go on a trip with them. Failed

The wheelchair did not fit into the police car, so another came for it. At the end, they got off with a fune, and were released.

At 8 pm Dima and Kostya gave up and decided to spread the tent in a parking lot on the outskirts of Katowice. (Who marked this option in the previous post, confess, how did you know?;)) The local guard advised to choose that place, he also gave the boys some tea. So they stayed for the night there. A tent, sleeping bags and warm clothes from @ProPohody were useful. In the morning, the guys continued to seek happiness on their way to Prague.

Results of the third day #DostupnoEurotrip:
Disappeared for almost a day
Spent 23.42 euros on a fine (balance — 76.58 euros for 27 days)
Walked 11 km

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P.S. They got to Prague afterall. Disrupted the enchanted circle;)
April 18th, Day 4
To survive the night at absolute zero? Dmytro and Kostyantyn have already done it! And in the morning they met the guard of the parking, where they slept, moreover he gave them some tea! During the conversation it turned out that he is also a person with a disability (has a prosthetic on one of the legs). Everything can happen. At times, disability is a completely non-obvious factor that does not make a person better, worse or more specific.

Finally, the luck was on the boys' side while hitchhiking. In the parking lot Paul from Latvia picked them up. He speaks three foreign languages (English, German and Russian)and repairs cars. The next year, he plans to visit Ukraine, because he loves to travel a lot too.

In the Czech Republic, at a parking lot, they got a lift very quickly by Michael. He was on his way to Brno, where he lives, and he gladly took Dima and Kostia there. Michael supports environmental initiatives and drowns for everything green.

On their way to Prague boys stopped an electric motors-lover, Jarovir. He was previously fond of parachute jumps, but once he injured his leg and quit that sport. Jarovir travels a lot for work. For him, hitchhiking is an opportunity to chat with people.

For some time, the guys were in the outskirts of Prague, in one of the local shopping centers. There, Dmytro met a girl - Anka. Anka works at the mall, they had a nice talk, however, this did not go any further: Anka puts her career in first place and had to return to her business, and Dmytro - he's just Dmytro :)

Anastasia Shafranska and her family hosted our travelers next. Anastasia wrote herself to our Facebook page, after the incident with the Polish police xD, with a proposal to shelter our explorers near Prague and take them to the outskirts of the city. They spent the night in warmth, well-fed, and treated by Czech beer. Isn't it a wonderful compensation for the night in the tent before? :)

During the day, they ate the stocks that were brought from Ukraine - energybars and nuts. Therefore, they avoided spending any money. Travel balance - 76.58 euros.

Today Dima and Kostya are going to be in Prague. They have already had a meeting with the Ambassador of Ukraine to the Czech Republic @Yevhen Perebyinis and checked the diplomacy building for availability, because in two days they will vote in Frankfurt. Besides in Prague our rock stars were promised a free guitar. Well, that would be great. At night, the guys return to Anastasia. And tomorrow ... There will be a new day and see what adventures it brings :)

P.S .: if you have read to this place, it might be interesting for you to know that the temperature of absolute zero is -273 ° C )))
April 19th, Day 5
We could not even imagine what V.I.P. traveling with #DostupnoEurotrip;) In the morning a transport for diplomatic personnel and executives was waiting for Dmytro and Kostyantyn. On the way to Ukrainian Embassy in Czech Republic they dropped by the music store. Very big musical paradise for Schebetyuk. Let Dima go inside such a great store is like a story about Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. And although Dima wanted to buy all the guitars, no matter to the budget, he had to pick one. Now our travelers have a possibility to earn money. And we can worry for them a little less :)

The Embassy was inaccessible. Ambassador Yevhen Perebyinis was indeed very concerned. "That's what we have as an heritage. We think what to do with it ". After the official part, they went to the pub, to try famous Czech Beer. Mr. Yevhen did not drink, because he had to work:)

The car from the Embassy drove them to Vyšehrad, ancient fortress on the hill. Good Friday and almost nothing was open in the city. The nearby post office was inaccessible, plus nobody from staff reacted to the call button . Uh, Dostupno should have work with them. )) Dmytro and Kostya still overcame the inaccessibility and sent three cards from the Prague Post Office for those who supported #DostupnoEurotrip for a sum over 500 hryvnias. They will also send one to you when you support. The main thing, do not forget to specify your address in the field "Specification of the payment". And if you want to support the project and to make video stories about the journey a reality, you can do so by making a donation using a green box at the top of the page.

Afterwards, the guys decided to try out their investment - playing the guitar. They were seated on the Karlův most. The sun is warming, the river Vltava flows peacefully. Many people are on the wheelchairs. And it's nice to see them, and Dmytro started singing his songs again.

"Look, that's TorontoTV guy!", ukrainians were passing by Dmytro and Kostya. They did not give any money though. Recognized, and that's not bad.

Total per day:
Met with one Ambassador of Ukraine to the Czech Republic
Bought a new guitar for 35 euros, and earned a € 53 playing it
7 km walked by foot, 60 km by car of the Embassy
Got a European SIM-card. Thank you very much for that, Ukrainian Embassy!

In the morning, the guys gave a bid farewell to the incredible Anastasia Shafranska, Vladimir Onyshchuk, their daughter Aurora, and with their own morning dawn, they will continue hitchhiking on the way to Frankfurt. Volodymyr, Anastasia, Aurora, you are extremely warm and sincere! We are glad that our guys were on your way to meet you!